The list of things women need to get their act together has grown with the advent of the fashion industry and the proliferation of designer clothing lines.

But there are some things that you don’t see on the list every day, like women’s skirts. 

We asked our editors to give us 10 things that every woman needs to wear this week.1.

Women’s pants1.

When I first saw the phrase “boots on the ground,” I thought, “Wow, we’re not going to have shoes on the floor yet, so I better wear pants.” 

I have been wearing my jeans for years and years, and I’ve always loved them.

I’ve even worn them in the shower. 

But I also know that when I was young, I used to have to go to the store to buy new underwear for my old pants.

I would get them in an old sock and I would walk around my house, and people would stare at me. 

I’m not sure I like wearing pants anymore. 


Wearing pants is like trying to take off your shoes. 

A lot of women say they love the look of jeans, and they want to get them on and just be comfortable, but they’re not always wearing them.

They’re wearing them because they don’t have a place to put them, and because they’re afraid that they’re going to get something wet or get knocked down.

They just want to go out and look great. 


When you’re a girl and you’re wearing a skirt, you need to think about what you can wear underneath, too. 

There are some styles you can’t wear jeans, but there are others that you can.

And when you look at it from the inside, you realize that what’s underneath your skirt can make you look pretty good.4.

Washing your hair is a necessity. 

One of the things that women struggle with most is not just the washing, but how to keep your hair out of the water and out of your face. 

The same way you wash your clothes, you have to keep them dry.

So you need a hair dryer, and you need one that doesn’t blow too hot, and that one has a hose that goes under your hair to help get your hair into the dryer. 


The best way to make sure you’re not looking too short is to keep it short. 

Sometimes you can get away with wearing a t-shirt underneath a skirt and getting away with it.

Other times you can stick to jeans and think, “Oh, I’m going to be too short, and if I’m not, I will look short.” 


I’m always thinking about what I’ll wear to my next date. 

Even though I’m a woman, I’ve noticed that the more you dress up, the more often you’re going out with other women, the less you look sexy.

And if you’re dating, you can definitely look sexy without dressing up. 7.

If you want to wear a bra, you should buy one. 

If you’re single and want to look good, you want a bra.

I can guarantee you, a bra will be more than just an accessory for you.

It will make you feel sexy and confident. 


It’s not OK to be in a relationship when you have hair. 

You should always be in your own skin. 

That’s why it’s so important to remember that your hair will always be there for you to touch, and it will always hold a lot of confidence for you, too, if you put your mind to it.9.

The perfect dress for every occasion. 

As much as I love to wear skirts and dresses, I also like to wear more casual, high-waisted pants.

And I like to have a little bit of style with my shoes, too: a pair of jeans that are a little more casual but have a bit of a toe.10.

Women need to be prepared to look at a guy at the end of the day. 

Women are just as likely to fall for someone who looks good in their pants as they are someone who’s dressed up and ready to go for the night. 

For a few weeks, I would think, You’ve gotta be kidding me.

And then the next time I see you, I’ll see that you have a dress on.

I’ll be like, Okay, let me check out that dress.

But I don’t need to see you in that dress every day.