Month: September 2021

How to wear vintage clothes on the job

Clothes that are in great shape and look great in the wash are often a bargain, especially if you can find them in the thrift store.But if you’re looking for some great vintage pieces for the office, vintage clothing can be a great bargain too.Here’s what you should know about the items on sale at […]

How to Get A Fashion Job In The UK

A few weeks ago, we had an interview with two designers in the UK.One, a woman named Ashley, had worked in a London-based fashion shop and another, a man named Jason, worked at a fashion boutique in the south-west of England.They both said they’d been looking for a job in the fashion industry since they […]

Adidas suspends sales of women’s clothing online

Adidas, the world’s largest footwear company, on Monday suspended sales of womens apparel online.The decision follows an investigation into a counterfeit Adidas womens shoe that was found to be counterfeit.The company said that online sales of some of its womens brands were suspended.“The decision was made based on the number of verified reports of counterfeit […]