“I had a friend that had a big headband in his house and was like, ‘That’s really cool.’

I said, ‘You should be wearing that every day.’

That’s how cool I was.

So I went to see this girl that I knew who was like this cool kid from a local neighborhood.

I said ‘How are you going to look like that?’

She’s like, “You know what, that’s my headband, right?”

I said “Oh, I don’t care.

I’m going to wear that every time.

“So I was like “Wow, I totally forgot about that.

“And she goes, “It’s like a headband.

“So it was this really cool thing that I remember her saying, but I was so young at the time.”

The style of the headband was still so cool, she continued.

“I remember wearing a headpiece on my shoulders and wearing a shirt and then my hair was in a bun.

It was super crazy.

I still have it.”

The new fashion trend of the 90’s, a style known as “chunky” has come back to the 90′s.

“It was very similar to the fashion of the 80s,” explained Giorgio, who recalled that his “chunked” style of headband would also be seen at the club.

“You see guys like that, the guys that are wearing that style of clothing, it’s cool, but it’s a little weird, I guess.

I went swimming, but the guy who was wearing that jacket I was thinking ‘Oh, my God, that jacket is so cool.’ “

When I was in high school, I was going to the beach.

I went swimming, but the guy who was wearing that jacket I was thinking ‘Oh, my God, that jacket is so cool.’

So I got it.

And I think ‘Well, you know what? “

A lot of guys look at me and think ‘Oh man, he’s got a big band.’

And I think ‘Well, you know what?

I’m not that big.

I don´t need that.’

I think a lot of the guys don’t have big heads.”

The headband that inspired Giorgi, a former fashion student who worked in New York, was a one-off purchase.

“The original band that I bought was made by a guy named Giorgino and it was one of those things where they would make it and then they would put it on a kid and they would send them back to Italy.

They were making the headbands for little kids and then the kids would go back to Japan and buy a bigger band.

So he would make one and send it to me and I would make the next one and then send it back to him. “

Then I had this friend of mine who had a little headband and he said ‘Well that’s a bit big.’

So every year, I made the same ones, every year I would send him one and he would send me the next and so on. “

He’d make the one that he had and I’d send it and he’d make another one.

He was really nice, but he made it to be like a little guy.” “

And then the head band that he made was one that was actually really nice.

He was really nice, but he made it to be like a little guy.”

After buying his first head band, the young Giorgiani found himself “lucky” enough to receive another gift from a fashion designer.

The designer gave him a pair of matching “chunks” that he could wear around his neck.

“My friend said ‘Do you know this guy, he has a pair.’

So when I got those headbands I thought, ‘Oh my God.

He’s got this guy.’

So that’s when I started to wear the chunked look.”

Today, Giorgani is known as a fashion ambassador for the Chunky style of fashion, but while he enjoys the “chunker” look, he is also a passionate follower of his grandmother’s “chutzpah.”

“I’ve been around fashion for a long time.

I used to work in a fashion store.

I’d buy the chunks from the stores, I’d wear them around my neck.

I was a fashion addict.

These are going to be my fashion trends.” “

So I’m like, well, I can’t wear these anymore.

These are going to be my fashion trends.”

The chunky style has returned to the US Giorgiani has also made it clear that his fashion style is not limited to the “Chunky” look.

“Every time I wear a chunky headband or a chunk headband,” he continued, “I’m wearing that to the clubs and I’m saying ‘I’m going out, and I can wear these as a casual look.

You know what I mean?

And I think