This is the moment my son was waiting for.

The moment he was expecting to see his daughter at a pool party.

And when he found out that her dad was the one who had invited him to go swimming with his family.

For two weeks, he has been searching for a way to say thanks to his dad and the other members of his family, and his family for making Independence Day possible.

“I was just happy that he was there,” said Stephanie, the wife of Mark, a Marine veteran who has served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“But it was also hard because we had not seen him for four years.

It was really hard.”

Stephanie, a certified nursing assistant, and her husband are expecting their second child together.

Stephanie said she thought it would be a fun tradition to have the children dress up as their dads for the occasion.

But she quickly realized the children wouldn’t have a chance to wear their dads’ clothes.

“They’re like, ‘Oh, you’re going to wear those guys?’

And my husband was like, [we don’t want that].

It’s not my favorite part of the year,” she said.

She decided to make something up.

The kids are now wearing their dads suits.

It’s a celebration of the military and their dads.

“It’s just a way for the kids to show support and to thank them,” Stephanie said.

The couple decided to do something unique to mark Independence Day.

Stephanie and Mark created a costume, and they are selling the proceeds from it on Amazon.

It will be auctioned off Friday, and proceeds will go to the Boys and Girls Clubs of the United States.

Mark is an aviation instructor at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and Stephanie works in customer service at an insurance company.

Stephanie also runs a photography studio.

They had no idea how they would react to the attention they were getting online.

“When people are looking at you, they’re really focused on the fact that you are the dads,” Stephanie explained.

“So, it was really fun for us to create something unique for our family and for our friends, to celebrate their dads.”

“It was a very fun experience,” Stephanie added.

“I think it’s really cool that the kids are going to be able to wear this, so we can show that they’re there with us.”

The boys and girls clubs are working with Stephanie and the Marine Corps to get the proceeds to the boys and the girls.

“We’re hoping to have something like that done in the next couple of weeks,” Stephanie noted.

The kids have enjoyed participating in the costume party and the costume auction, and the kids who dress as their dad are also having fun.

“The kids were really into it, they were so excited,” Stephanie shared.

“It was pretty cool.”