Adidas has revealed a new hooded-type collection that it says is designed to look different from its traditional range.

The new Hoodie collection will be available exclusively at adidas online stores, the company said on Friday. 

The new collection features a black and red hooded hoodie, which is styled to stand out against the surrounding red and black fabrics. 

“The new style is meant to blend the classic silhouette of adidas with the new innovation of the latest technology,” Adidas’ vice president of product management and innovation, David Pemberton, said. 

Adidas, the world’s largest brand, is expected to release a new collection for the winter season later this year. 

This comes as a major challenge for the Indian footwear industry.

Last year, the government banned all outdoor clothing in the country.

The Indian footwear sector is facing increasing competition from the likes of Adidas and other global brands. 

While Indian footwear firms are expected to see higher sales than their domestic counterparts, the impact on the footwear industry is far from clear.