The kids clothing sale is still going strong.

You can still buy a cheap workout clothes set and workout pants, and you can still shop online for kids clothes, too.

The kids clothing sales are one of the few places where you can shop for children’s clothing for less than $20, and it is still selling at a good price.

On Thursday, Walmart announced a new program that will help kids with pre-school and elementary school needs, including things like a set of workout pants and a set to wear to a child’s birthday party.

Walmart has teamed up with the KidsSale, which will provide children in the United States with free, pre-programmed clothing.

Walmart’s KidsSALE program will help children get clothes for kids as young as 4, with kids under the age of 6 getting free, high-quality clothing for their first two purchases.

“We believe this program will make a real difference in the lives of many children in need,” Walmart said in a statement.

“We will continue to work closely with the Children’s National Medical Center to support these children and their families as they begin to build up their families.”

Walmart also announced the launch of the Kids Saver program, which is offering kids who shop online at least three times a week $20 off clothing, for a period of six months.

The program will be offered through the end of the month.

Wal-Mart is hoping that the program will drive sales.

The company has been struggling to compete with Amazon, the online retailer that is now worth more than $300 billion.

Walmart’s sales are down about 30 percent in the past year.

But the company has seen a 30 percent jump in online sales and it has a new website that allows shoppers to pay with cash or credit cards.