By Caroline WilsonBBC News”A rainbow, it has a way of making things look beautiful”This is not your grandmother’s lingerie.

This is a new brand of lingerie that looks like a rainbow.

“The Rainbow Lingerie Company is a brand of clothing made with rainbows, using them as the main colour.

It is a modern take on the classic floral-patterned lingerie which is now worn in the UK.

The Rainbow Company started as a small operation in 2013, and now employs over 400 people.

Its website says it “is dedicated to bringing the rainbow to the fashion industry, helping people understand how beautiful it is to be a rainbow and celebrating people of colour and their diverse identities”.

Rainbow Lingeries has a special mission in mind: to provide “fashion that celebrates the rainbow”.

The Rainbow logo is made from the colours of the rainbow.

The colours are red, yellow, orange, green and blue.”

The Rainbow Logo is made up of a rainbow of colours, and it is an iconic symbol that people use to express themselves and celebrate who they are,” the company says.

The logo is a symbol that has come to symbolise the “unity, diversity, and love of humanity”.

The rainbow is a colour of the sky.

It has been used for thousands of years in the Hindu and Buddhist religions, but it was the first colour to be used in art and literature in the 20th century.

The brand is known for its “bravado” fashion.

The company’s colours have become an iconic part of lingeries and are seen on the backs of many brands.

The company says its customers have been asking them for years, but the company is “only able to do this with our commitment to diversity, inclusion and love”.

The company’s website states: “It is our mission to inspire women to celebrate the rainbow, to provide our customers with the best and most colourful lingerie, to empower them to be more empowered, and to inspire them to take a step towards creating the world they want for themselves and for others”.

The brand’s founder, Lisa, said: “I am so excited to be able to share my passion for making the world a better place with my beautiful rainbow-themed clothing.”

We’ve created the Rainbow Locker, a collection of products inspired by the rainbow so that our customers will be able express themselves in a way that is beautiful and flattering.

We’re very excited to work with such an amazing brand, and look forward to the next chapter in the Rainbow story.”