A few more days until New York’s Fashion Week, but we’re already getting some buzz about the big event.

Fashionista’s Sarah Bogle was one of the first to report the news that a new model named Grace had been chosen for the show.

We have a full look at her, along with the rest of the photos, below.

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Grace is a New York-based model who’s been a fashion superstar since 2010.

Grace’s Instagram is full of stunning photos, and her photos have been shared more than 8 million times.

Graces style was featured in the June issue of Vogue, and the magazine described Grace as “a bold, elegant and chic woman who will leave a lasting impression on the fashion industry.”

Grace’s style was highlighted in the September issue, with the magazine reporting that she is a “fiercely personal, independent woman who thrives on creating her own unique style.”

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Grace has made a name for herself as an expert on runway looks, and has modeled for some of the most prominent brands in the world.

She was recently featured in Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.

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In 2018, Grace has been nominated for the “Miss America” award.

The fashion industry is buzzing about Grace’s selection.

“Grace’s style is very much a natural extension of her personality, and a reflection of the person she is and her desire to live her life as she wants,” a Vogue editor said.

“The fashion world will be very interested in this selection.

Grace is a natural choice to represent the fashion scene in New York City,” a Vanity Fair fashion editor said in a statement.