GOLF CLOTHING, a new clothing store at Target stores in San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland, has been making its way around the Bay Area for the past month, but this week, they are selling their “Golf” clothing hangers.

The hangers come with a large logo on the front and have some really fun designs on the side.

They are made of durable materials that are great for golfing, so they are perfect for those looking to wear their golf apparel in a casual manner.

Target says they will have their hangers available in November and November will be the only time they will sell their golf clothing. 

Target says that golf apparel is their biggest customer and that they can’t wait to show people how fun golf apparel can be.

The stores locations are: San Jose: 711 San Francisco: 8009 San Francisco (corner of Market and Market Streets) Oakland: 4855 Alameda: 4712 Santa Clara: 4075