NANCY PEARSON, CNN: You might not know it, but when you go shopping for vintage clothing, there are a few things that come up.

You might know you want to shop in the fashion department, and then there’s something called the gacha.

It’s a way to get free stuff for a small purchase.

The thing about it is, if you have a dollar and a dollar, you can get free clothes, but if you get a dollar every time you shop, that’s not going to make you happy.

So, for a lot of people, the gachas are the first thing they look at when they’re looking at vintage.

They’re the first place that comes to mind, and that’s kind of what I like to talk about, is it’s not the clothes you buy, but the clothes that come with it.

So the idea is to buy the clothes from the designers themselves, not from retailers.

If you want a dress, you have to go to a dress shop.

If a designer wants you to wear a pair of shoes, they’ll put the shoe on for you.

So what we’re trying to do is give you a chance to get a discount on clothes you might not even want to buy.

That’s how the idea came about.

And I was at the same gacha, actually, and I saw this young girl in the back and said, I’ve never seen her like that.

She was wearing the same thing that I was wearing, and it was a vintage T-shirt that said: It’s about time.

The dress, I was able to buy her a pair, and she was really happy about it.

You can also buy the same dress for $20, but you have the option of getting the shoes for $5, and so on.

The gacha is really a way for people to get stuff for free, and a lot times, when people shop online, they’re just going to get something that they’re already interested in, and they’re not going in to a store and trying to figure out, “Oh, I don’t want that,” because that’s going to cost more.

But if you want the same clothes for a very small amount of money, that is a great deal, and the designer is going to help you out with that.

So you’re basically paying $20 a pair to get some great clothes.

We just wanted to make it easier for people who are looking to buy old stuff.

NANCy Pearson, CNN contributor and co-author of “The Secret to Great Hair,” is on Twitter @nancypearson.