It’s been a busy week for fashion lovers in New York City.

The NYC Marathon is now on the horizon.

So, how to dress up for the occasion?

Here are our tips on how to prepare for the race and keep your wardrobe looking sharp!

The first thing you’ll want to do is buy yourself a dress.

A long dress will be a great way to dress down, especially if you’re a runner.

You can buy a dress at most department stores or online.

If you can, choose a dress that will fit the size of your torso and hips.

The dress should be made from lightweight fabric that is not too stretchy.

The second thing you want to look good in is a hat.

It’s important to wear a hat to minimize your risk of getting infected with the coronavirus.

There are two main types of hats available: those that cover the head and those that have a hole for a cap or scarf.

If the hat you’re looking at doesn’t have a hat hole, it’s best to opt for the cap.

For a hat with a hat cap, opt for one with a hole in the brim that you can slip your fingers through.

The most important thing about the hat is that it’s comfortable to wear.

If it’s not comfortable, it doesn’t work.

If your hat is too tight or uncomfortable, you’ll probably get the wrong idea about how much you should wear.

Finally, your hair.

Hair is the main reason people wear a marathon hat.

Hair can get quite messy and the risk of catching the coronovirus is high.

So it’s essential to get it as messy and stylish as possible.

So take care of your hair and your skin.

For best results, choose the best hair care products available.

For a hat, opt it for one that’s made from light, breathable fabrics.

A scarf is another option, but don’t expect to find a scarf for under $25 at your local thrift store.

If there’s no option, opt instead for one made from an all-over fabric.

This fabric will provide more warmth and protection, and will keep you comfortable.

Finally if you can’t find a hat for the run, you can always choose a pair of jeans.

You don’t need to spend $300 on a pair, but you will want to choose jeans that are light enough for you to wear comfortably.

For more tips, check out our NYC Marathon clothing guide, and find out what your next NYC Marathon event will look like.

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