In the late ’50s and early ’60s, it was fashionable for men to dress for the future.

In their eyes, a cowboy hat was just a badge of masculinity. 

The hat, the cowboy boots, the long pants, the headgear and the leather belt were symbols of the man’s status. 

Today, we wear a different kind of cowboy hat, a modern-day version of the hat, boots, pants and headgear.

These modern-styled items were meant to look like what a modern cowboy might wear in the future, said David Dyer, a professor of history at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Dyer said these items were made by companies such as American Apparel and Clarks.

He said the styles were intended to appeal to an emerging, male-dominated market.

Dyers said it is important to understand how these items have evolved over the years.

Dyer said the 1950s were the era when men began to dress differently, especially in their footwear.

He also said many of the items today were originally made for the same purpose.

“The hats and boots were made to look the same, and the tailors were just doing what they did in the 1950’s,” he said.

“They were making things for men that were meant for men.”

Dyer told ABC News he did not expect these items to be worn by many men in the present.

He did not think they would be considered as fashion items, but he said the modern-looking hats and booties would be worn to look more masculine. 

Dyer also said the trend was born in the ’50, and not the ’60, and it has not stopped.

He says the trends are going on today.

He believes there is a resurgence of modern-style style and the style is going to be the style.

“It is very much a modern era, and we are seeing a lot of fashion in the past 50 years,” he told

Dyrs said a cowboy’s hat, with its leather straps and buttons, would look similar to the modern day, and there is an opportunity to get people in the modern age.

“The hat is a badge, and you don’t want to be seen wearing a hat that doesn’t have a cowboy on it,” Dyer explained.DYER: “The hat doesn’t really have a purpose or any sort of style.

The purpose of the cowboy is to look cool, and to look very American.

And it was an era when it was more fashionable to be dressed in the old-fashioned, you know, a dress.”

So, to me, the purpose of that is not to be trendy, but to be traditional, and in a way be the same as your grandparents.”DYERS: “I don’t think that this is an era for the modern, you understand.

The old style is dying out.

“Dyers said he hopes to see a return to the traditional look for men and women.

He sees it as a way to preserve traditional American clothing and wear it, but also, as he explained, to be an alternative to the fashion trends of today.”

I think it’s important to have a look that is timeless, that is still functional and is still made from leather and other materials,” he explained.”

When you look at modern-oriented clothing, and look at the trends, I think that is what people are looking for.

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