With a little luck, you can have the look of a celebrity.

But don’t be fooled by the glamorous style.

You need to be smart about how you dress, and not so bold and flashy.

Here are 10 tips for dressing your best.1.

A classic blazerA classic blazers are often worn by girls, and it can make them stand out from the crowd.

It’s the perfect outfit for the office, a date night, or a special occasion.

So how do you dress your blazer for a date?

Wear a blazer with a bow tie or a collar.

This is the perfect way to look stylish.2.

Casual jeans or trousersFor a casual look, opt for jeans, a pair of casual sneakers or a blouse.

A blazer and a pair, not to mention some nice pants, will make you stand out.3.

A sweater, cardigan or jacketTo dress for a casual night out, opt to wear a sweater, a cardigan, or even a jacket.

If you want to dress up for a formal event, consider a blazered jacket.4.

A tie or tie-dyeBlazers, necklaces and scarves are the most popular style of attire.

But if you are looking for a more feminine look, consider something a bit less formal.

Consider a blaugrana or cardigan.5.

A casual shirt or blazerBlazer-like styles are popular for men, women and teenagers.

You can get a casual shirt and a blazing blazer, or opt for a classic blaugrand or tie.6.

A black tieA black tie is a great way to wear the casual vibe for a special event.

For a formal occasion, opt a dark grey or brown tie.7.

A hat or sweaterIf you are going to go out with a group, you should always have a hat or scarf in the closet.

This will be a great accessory for any event.8.

A necklace or braceletA necklace is a classic style of jewelry, and is popular for people who want to be more chic.

For this reason, a necklace is also popular for girls.

For guys, try a bracelet.9.

A cardiganA cardigan is a popular choice for men.

For women, choose a short-sleeved cardigan with a bluish tassel.10.

A tuxedo or polo shirtThe casual look is a staple for men and women alike, but for some, it’s also a great style for a business meeting.

If the dress code is relaxed, try to get something casual and sporty.