By now, you may have heard that there’s a new clothing dryer to help you save money and save time.

The $300-a-month Terry cloth dryer is designed for use by the public and has a built-in water filter that will not only help you keep your clothes dry, but also reduce the amount of detergent you’ll be exposed to when you go shopping.

The company’s founder, Jason Johnson, explains how it works, which is to simply pour the water through the filter into a bucket.

When the water runs through the bucket, it filters the detergent, which has a pH of 5.4, Johnson says.

If the water is low enough, the detergents will also stay in the bucket.

This results in the water flowing out of the bucket and into the dryer, allowing you to wash your clothes without the use of a hose or other water-saver methods.

As long as you keep the water level at about 6 inches (15 centimeters) below the surface of the water, Johnson claims that the Terry cloth can dry clothing in under two minutes, and if it’s kept at the proper temperature for the water to reach the water’s edge, it can dry clothes in under six hours.

To find out how to get one of these water-saving machines, I contacted Johnson about the new Terry cloth.

The best way to find out more about the Terry, he said, is to go to the company’s website, where you can get a sample of the product.

Terry is now available for purchase through Amazon and Walmart, and you can also order one through

Johnson said that his company is not yet ready to make its Terry product available to the public, but he plans to do so soon.

I reached out to Johnson for comment on the Terry product, but did not receive a response.

However, Johnson does have a few other products that you can buy through Amazon that are designed for people with certain medical conditions.

For example, he offers a product called Terry Cloth Cleaning and Washing Machine that comes with a water filter and a water-based sanitizer, both of which are included with the product, Johnson told me.

He also offers a cloth sanitizing device called a cloth diaper cleaner, which he says is designed to be able to sanitize cloth diapers.

The product also includes a water filtration system that can filter out the excess detergent from clothes, as well as a filter that allows the filter to run through a filter to wash the clothes, according to Johnson.

You can also purchase a laundry bag that can be used to clean clothes for $19.95.

When I reached Johnson by phone about his water-drying machine, he told me that the company has sold 10,000 of these machines and that they have been very successful in helping people save money.

According to Johnson, his company also has sold over 300,000 machines since its founding.

He did not provide a sales estimate, but I can tell you that I’ve seen Terry cloth selling for over $100 a piece.

For the average household, that works out to be a pretty nice deal.

However it may not be a deal that everyone wants to take advantage of.

You’ll have to shop around to find a Terry cloth that suits your needs.

But Johnson said he does not recommend that you buy a Terry-equipped dryer.

He says that if you do decide to buy one, you should first read the instructions.

After you understand what the water filter is and what it does, you can use the product to sanitized clothes, he says.

He suggests that you wash your own clothes with it, since that’s the only way that you’ll actually be using the product in the first place.

You should then add the cloth to a bucket to rinse it out, and then rinse it again with water that you’ve added to the bucket to get the water running through the water-filter.

If you need to replace the water in the dryers, Johnson suggests that they be replaced with new ones that can run through the same filter.

He adds that he does have two other water filtering products that he would like to offer, including a laundry soap, but that these are not currently on sale.

You will have to try them out for yourself.

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