When you’re shopping for your first wedding dress, make sure to choose the right size and fit, then check the online size guide to make sure your style fits. Read more When you’re buying a new dress, check the size guide and make sure you don’t buy the wrong size.

If you’re looking to order a dress that fits perfectly, you can also try sizing up.

A good rule of thumb is to try the dress on in the morning and take it out for a spin in the evening.

Some dresses have a little extra help from the neckline or hem, so be sure to measure the bust and hip circumference to check. 

If you want to buy a dress from a reputable store, look for the sizes and colours of the fabrics, as well as the fabric used for the dress. 

There are a few ways to choose a dress online, including using a website or a blog, or buying direct from a designer.

There are also some online dress shopping guides you can check to make things easier for you.