When you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, you may be wondering how to handle any potential trouble.

Here are some suggestions: 1.

Always check his or her social media accounts to see if he or she posts inappropriate content.


Avoid sending photos and videos of yourself in provocative poses to his or she.


Never take photos or video of a young woman without her permission, even if she’s dressed to impress.


If you think a young girl may be a target for unwanted attention, report it immediately to the police.


Be sure that he or they don’t post sexually suggestive photos or videos of themselves on their social media pages.


Be aware of how social media can influence people’s behavior.


Keep your eyes open for possible inappropriate pictures and videos and report it to the authorities if you notice a pattern of behavior.


Never share or send sexually explicit images or videos without permission from the subject.


Never ask a young person to pose for you in a photo without his or its consent.


Don’t text or email pictures of yourself to a friend or loved one without their consent.


When in doubt about the safety of your child, tell him or her to keep an eye out for anything suspicious or inappropriate.


Talk to the parents of any children you suspect may be at risk.

If it’s a teen, report him or herself to the social services office of the school or other appropriate facility, such as the principal’s office.


Always be cautious about what you share or share with a stranger online.

Avoid using Facebook or other social media sites for that reason.


Don,t post nude photos of yourself or anyone else without their permission.


Never post images of your body to Facebook, Instagram or other image-sharing sites without their express permission.


Be very careful when posting any type of video or image on a social media site.

This can include images of yourself, videos, or text that you’ve edited yourself or a friend.


Never use your personal information for any commercial purposes.


When using a video camera, always lock it in a safe location.


Always remember to read the privacy policy before posting or sharing any personal information, such in-person or online.


Keep a list of your friends, neighbors and other family members in case something unexpected happens.


If there are people you don’t know or don’t trust, make sure they know you’re safe.