A Kenyan entrepreneur is offering free clothes to people who sign up for a free raffle, but she says she’s also encouraging people to sign up to a raffle for other things too.

Key points:Raffle entries for the first-ever raffle are being made for various items on the market, including clothing, books, jewellery and furnitureRaffle winners will get a prize worth up to $10,000Dylan Withers says the raffle will last for three days from September 16 to 18, and winners will receive their prizes within 24 hours.

He says he will also be giving away a new shirt for every $1 spent on the raffles.

“It’s the only way we can make money out of this, so that we can keep buying clothes and get rid of our clothes,” Mr Witherson told Al Jazeera.

“I’m really trying to motivate people to make this happen.”

Raffle winner, Dylan Witherston, said the idea is to make the raffling process as easy as possible.

“People have to signup to a mailing list and then they have to wait for the riddlers to arrive,” he said.

“Then they have a couple of days to put their clothes on.”

Mr Witherton, who is a Kenyan-American, runs the online raffle website, raffle-ebooks.com, which allows anyone to enter raffles for items on sale in Kenya.

Raffle entry formHere are some of the items he is offering in this raffle:For clothing items, he is giving away shirts and hoodies for $2.50.

For books and DVDs, he will give away books and CDs for $5.50 each.

He will also give away a pair of jeans for $10.50, which are made from recycled materials.

The clothes will be sold at raffle outlets across Kenya, including the main street of Harare.

Mr Wethers says he wants to make raffles a “tangible way” to show support for the economy, and encourage people to use raffle tickets to buy things.

“We are not doing this for charity, we are doing this to help the people in Kenya,” he told Al Jazeera.

“This is just a way to show our support for people, to show that we support them.”

Mr D’Albanio is another Kenyan entrepreneur who is running a raffles service on raffle.com called raffles2k.

The service allows people to enter a raffle for a limited time, and the winner will get to pick up their prize in the next 24 hours at their convenience.

“When we launched raffles 2k, we thought, this is a way for people to show their support and help the economy,” he says.

“I think raffles are a good way for us to show people how we can help them.”

But he adds that it’s important to have the riffle to last for at least three days.

“If people are not willing to spend money, it will only last for the next three days,” he explained.

Raffles2K says it will be giving out prizes worth up $100,000 to winners, as well as giving away one raffle ticket for every two raffle entries.

“There is a big demand for raffles, and so we are expecting that we will have a huge demand,” Mr D’Agata said.