Clothing vendors at local pet supply shops are offering free samples of dog clothes to people who bring in their pets to buy.

A few days ago, two women brought in a two-year-old German shepherd mix named Shiro.

The pair got the deal from a local business called Bamboo Cat and the company, a pet store, agreed to buy the dog.

The store says the items are available for a $1.50-per-kilogram price.

“It was a great deal for us, because it was a little bit of a stretch for us to even consider the dog clothes,” said Shannon Cuthbert, who brought in her dog to the pet supply store.

“I would’ve liked to have seen more,” she said.

She was also disappointed with the lack of free samples.

“When it comes to dog clothes, it’s not always free,” she added.

“If I had known that was happening, I would’ve thought that it was going to be free.”

The store has about 70 dog clothes and pet accessories available to customers.

The owners say they have received many positive reviews from customers.

“We’re really excited to be able to offer a free sample, and to see what people think of the dogs we have,” said Stephanie Koehn, the owner of Bamboo Dog Supply.

“Our customer service is always super helpful and friendly.”

The business has been offering free sample discounts for dogs since 2013.

“In order to get the sample, you have to sign up for a newsletter, which is what we do,” said Koehm.

“Then when you sign up, you get a newsletter that gives you information about the dog and also the prices.

So if you’re a dog lover, you’ll get information about their pet and what they have on offer.”

The sample deals also have a price guarantee.

“The dog clothes are really high quality and they’re super comfy, so that’s what we want to get out of this.

We want to make sure the price is right,” Koehr said.

“So if we were to get into a situation where we have to do a price increase, we’d just be able just to make up for that with free samples.”

A dog supply store in Ontario, Ontario, Canada, has been selling dog clothing samples to customers for the past five years.

The company, The Dog Supply, is not affiliated with Bamboo Cats or other pet supply stores, and says it doesn’t sell dog products to anyone under the age of 16.

However, they do sell dog accessories and toys and the owner said the prices are reasonable.

“There are really good prices out there for dog and cat products,” said Chris MacIntyre.

“A lot of times, people want a dog to do something, or a cat to play.

We have a lot of products for both.”

MacIntire said the company is trying to raise money to help the two women who brought their dogs into the store.

He said the women’s dog was on a leash and was walking around, so the dogs clothing might have been too tight for the dog’s body.

The two women are taking it slow with the free samples and they hope to see the dog owners soon.

“This is really a great opportunity for us as a business, because we can make some great customer referrals to people that are looking for dogs or cats,” said MacIntrye.

The owners are also hoping to bring their dog to a dog show or convention and offer the free sample. “

Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of having someone that has the perfect dog or dog accessory, and hopefully, they can be a customer for years to come.”

The owners are also hoping to bring their dog to a dog show or convention and offer the free sample.

They have about 10 dog products available and MacIntrey said he would be willing to take some dogs for a walk if the price was right.