The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the Indiegolens clothing dryers went live in the US on Monday, with an initial goal of £100,000.

The campaign has now raised £20,000, bringing the total amount raised so far to £250,000 and the campaign has reached £50,000 of its £100k target.

The Indiegogan clothing dryER is an affordable, environmentally friendly dryer with a removable water bottle, which allows the user to dry their clothing in one piece without needing to use a hose.

The dryer is powered by a solar-powered fan that produces a low-pressure air flow which evaporates clothing quickly and easily.

The dryer comes with a large cloth pocket for storing your clothes and a small water bottle to keep it cool and fresh.

Indiegogear, a company based in San Francisco, has been selling Indiegogs in the United States since 2016.

The Indigogo campaign also includes a £10,000 bonus if the campaign achieves a £20k target within three months.

Indigogear has previously launched an Indiegoware dryer in the UK and Ireland and has also offered the Indigogue Dryer in Australia.

The new dryers come with a lifetime warranty and come with 100% recyclable cotton.

Indie clothes dryers are increasingly becoming popular with clothing and home decor aficionados, with clothing brands like J.

Crew, Tommy Hilfiger and Victoria’s Secret all releasing their own versions of the dryers.

The crowdfunding campaign also offers Indiegohome, a $30 discount off the Indie Clothes Dryer for customers who have pledged £100 or more to Indiegoggle.

The Dryer’s new price tag also includes the Indegogo-exclusive shirt code “GOLD”, which is worth up to £150 on Indiegoggle.

The shirt code is available until September 21.