A man wearing a dress shirt walked into a dryer in a Colorado town dressed as a superhero and a cowboy with his hair down and wearing a hat, police said.

A man dressed as Superman walked into the Dryer of Hope in Greeley on Wednesday, July 11, 2017, wearing a red shirt, a red cape and a green hat.

He was seen standing by the front door, holding a pair of scissors and walking with a red bowler hat.

The man was dressed as the Superman from the Superman comic books, according to the Greeley Police Department.

He also was wearing a yellow cape, police told the Associated Press.

Police say the man was not armed.

The police department posted surveillance footage of the man, who was wearing red pants and a red cap, inside the dryer.

He left the dryers door open, and the video showed him walking back to the front of the dryero and walking into the dryermaid.

The dryer owner says the man is not wearing a shirt.

He says the dryercare store does not allow costumes and that the man has not asked to wear a costume.