Next Big Futures, the online clothing store owned by the Japanese fashion giant, announced on Thursday that it would donate all clothing donated to a shelter for people who need to get away from their homes.

The initiative will be launched next month, and is the company’s first foray into the fashion industry.

Next Big’s mission is to give people the option of donating to a charity of their choice.

The clothing will be used in the shelters in Japan and in other countries where they may be needed, as well as to help with the cost of sheltering.

The company’s chief operating officer, Masato Kobayashi, said in a statement: “It is very important to donate clothes to those in need.

The rainbow clothing stores are dedicated to this goal. “

This is the most important step in our mission, to create a world where there are no clothes, where people are not forced to wear clothes.

The rainbow clothing stores are dedicated to this goal.

We hope that our customers will come to love our products and will donate to the homeless.”

Next Big said it will begin donating clothing to a “special program” for the International Rescue Committee’s Shelter for the Homeless, in collaboration with local charities.

The program will use the clothing to buy and sell items such as hats, scarves, sweaters, and more, with donations from people who are homeless.

It will also help the homeless find employment, and help them to purchase necessary supplies.

It’s the latest move in the fashion giant’s broader philanthropic initiatives.

Last year, it donated $100 million to help pay for the construction of a new building in Shanghai, China.

In 2015, Next Big also gave $10 million to the Red Cross to help alleviate hunger in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Venezuela.

Next big also is currently in talks with a charity in China that will provide clothing for people displaced by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, according to a statement from Kobayash.