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How to Get A Fashion Job In The UK

A few weeks ago, we had an interview with two designers in the UK.One, a woman named Ashley, had worked in a London-based fashion shop and another, a man named Jason, worked at a fashion boutique in the south-west of England.They both said they’d been looking for a job in the fashion industry since they […]

10 of the most underrated things women wear

The list of things women need to get their act together has grown with the advent of the fashion industry and the proliferation of designer clothing lines.But there are some things that you don’t see on the list every day, like women’s skirts. We asked our editors to give us 10 things that every woman needs […]

How to wear a korean dress

Wearing a kangal dress, which is often worn by women of color in South Korea, can be difficult for some.It’s a traditional garment, worn by both men and women.However, wearing a kongal dress can be more complicated for many.Here are some tips to help you out with your kongala dress: 1.Don’t wear too tight, as […]

How to dress as a woman online

Women may not be allowed to wear clothing that displays their breast size or other physical attributes that would make them considered “unattractive,” a top U.S. consumer protection agency said Thursday.The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is urging women to stop using clothing that indicates their physical attractiveness or size to shop online.CPSCs Consumer Product […]