The New York Times article Target baby clothing, kitchenware and other household goods are being off white and now include cookies.

The company is updating its white site, which also includes a cookie list, to include items including baby gear and baby clothing.

Target has also removed cookies from its site to comply with new regulations from the Food and Drug Administration.

Target said it had not yet reviewed the FDA’s request.

But some experts say the cookies may not be enough to prevent the sale of child-size products.

“The FDA says cookies are OK for children, but for adults it’s not,” said Jennifer Dyer, a consumer advocate and author of the book Cookies Are Bad for You.

“If you’re selling child-sized baby products, they might not be allowed.”

For the past several years, retailers have been pushing for the cookies to be made in-house, as long as they are not made by food manufacturers.

But that hasn’t stopped retailers from turning to companies that have the ingredients.

Target’s move came a day after Macy’s Inc. and J.C. Penney Co. announced cookie-free baby items.

Target and JCPenney said their stores would offer the cookie-less items at no cost to customers.

The cookie-off White site now lists cookies such as the cookie that helps a toddler learn the alphabet, a white chocolate and a white candy bar.

The cookies on the Target White site include both adult and child-friendly products.

Some shoppers are skeptical that Target has made the right decision.

“This seems like a move that they’re not ready for,” said Megan Smith, a mother of two who was shopping for baby clothes in Target stores on Saturday.

“They should have gone back to making white, baby items.”

The cookie on the White site includes a child-specific cookie that also helps a baby learn the names of the alphabet.

Target also removed its child-safe white cookies last year, saying it had been making white-only items since 2011.

The White site no longer lists cookies for baby and toddler products, which many experts say are more appropriate for adults.

They include the cookies for babies and toddlers.

Target spokeswoman Kristine Ritti said the cookie list for baby items has been updated to include a child’s name and age.

The new cookie list includes items like infant wipes and wipes that are safe for babies.

Target says it is also adding baby clothing to the cookies, including baby blankets and baby pillows.

It says that in addition to its own white baby items, it will continue to offer child-appropriate products, including its white baby apparel, toddler gear and child bedding.