FourFourSeconds ago, when we launched our brand preview for the next FourFour Two podcast, we said we were thrilled to welcome our brand to the world.

But now, with our first ever retail store in the UK, the time has come to tell you about how we are bringing The Brick to the rest of the world, in the hope of seeing it flourish and grow alongside the rest.

From the opening of the brand’s first store in Singapore last month, we’re thrilled to have so many customers across the globe – and we’re so happy to welcome the Brick to UK shores!

We’re excited to announce that, from the first week of September, the Brick store will open in the heart of the capital, London’s Docklands.

We’re looking forward to welcoming thousands of customers a day, with the Brick in the middle of it all.

The Brick store is expected to open at the end of August and will be available for purchase from August 17.

We are thrilled to share more details about our Brick store in London, as well as our plans to bring The Brick into every corner of the UK.

The brick is a true global brand that is bringing a unique blend of luxury and comfort to the modern man.

We want the brick to be available to every person, from a young boy to a middle-aged man, who wants a stylish wardrobe with a modern feel.

We believe that the brick is an iconic piece that speaks for itself.

It will be the first brick store in Europe to feature a brand-new design and we hope you’ll be a part of this first foray into brick retail in the British capital.

We know the brick’s been a long time coming.

It’s been on our mind for a long while and we wanted to deliver something truly unique, and that’s why we decided to make the brick available in this special time.

This brick store will be located in the centre of London, at the corner of Regent’s Park and Parliament Square.

We have designed the store to be unique, with an open-plan layout that allows customers to walk around and experience the store from multiple angles.

The bricks are designed to be made of high-quality, organic materials, including hemp, bamboo and natural stone.

You’ll also find that the store is designed for an intimate environment that is open and welcoming, so you can have a good chat with your fellow shoppers.

The Brick store at Regent Square is set to open in August.

The brick will be sold in three different categories: the classic brick, the more modern brick and the premium brick.

The classic brick will include a full range of men’s and women’s collections, and will also feature bespoke clothing.

The more modern bricks will include designer men’s clothing and women of all ages.

We’ll be announcing further details of The Brick in coming weeks, and you can stay up-to-date on our news and exclusive previews of all things brick at the FourFourBlog.