The ‘most beautiful woman’ is the ultimate fashion accessory and she’s selling her brand new ‘fit’ suit for $8,000 online, with an online retailer to take the top spot.

The 30-year-old model Harley Davidson is selling the black leather suit, which features a ‘satin’ satin-like finish, at a sale event in New York City’s Chelsea neighbourhood on Sunday, February 17.

The $16 million suit has a ‘perfect’ fit and can be worn on the body or as a top.

It’s the latest in a string of Harley Davidson fashion launches, including the $6 million suit that Harley Davidson unveiled last year and the $5 million suit Harley Davidson launched in 2014.

It comes as Harley Davidson was awarded the ‘Best of NYC’ award in the US Fashion Week Awards for 2016.

The dress features a sash that is lined in leather and features a satin finish.

The black leather ‘suit’ features a slim cut bodice and the dress has a satiny sheen.

The ‘suit is sold out in about an hour and a half’ but the dress can be ordered from Harley Davidson’s website for $18,000, the company said.

Honda is also selling a black leather coat, the ‘Savage’ with the ‘perfect fitting’ satiny finish.

It also has a “perfect fit” fabric and is available for $17,000.

Harley Davidson said it will also release a black suit in two colors in February.

Harley is a former model and now lives in a luxury condo in Manhattan.

In 2014, Harley Davidson announced a $5.5 million deal to open a store in the city.