“I’d never heard of Annie Cotton,” says her sister, Janice Cotton.

“And so I thought, this is what I’d need to do.”

In January of 2012, Janine and Anne Cotton met while in college, and they instantly fell in love with each other.

Anne, who is now an actress and writer, had written her first screenplay while still in high school.

But she was also working on her next novel, a memoir called Annie’s Secret.

Anne says Anne told her about the story of Annie, a dog who died in her care, and that the story inspired her to start writing about her dog, who she named Annie.

The memoir, which was published last month, chronicles Annie’s life from birth until she was 11 years old.

Anne says she has written the memoir to show how animals can become part of people’s lives.

“I just thought, I can’t just go back to being a child and be like, ‘Well, I’m a dog.

I can do whatever I want.

What are you gonna do with me?'”

Anne says.

“I don’t want to feel like I’m just somebody else.

I want to be a human being.”

It’s very difficult to imagine how much pain and suffering she’s gone through and why, if you could, you’d do what you’re doing.

But that’s exactly what I do,” Anne says in the film, which is narrated by Anne herself.

In the film Anne tells the story about her own life and how it began, and she shares her stories of dog love and life.

She describes being in a small town when her father and uncle came looking for her, and when she was nine, she was adopted by a couple in their early 50s.

She says she was so excited to finally have a family, and so happy when her parents adopted her from a shelter.”

Anne’s first book, the autobiographical story Annie’s Life, is set in the 1960s and 70s. “

It’s like, I was never going to be that way.”

Anne’s first book, the autobiographical story Annie’s Life, is set in the 1960s and 70s.

In the book, Anne is a young mother, trying to make ends meet while caring for her son, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Anne tells her son’s story of what happened to her when he was born.

She also talks about how she met Anne and how she ended up having an affair with her sister’s husband, who ended up divorcing her.

“When she was writing Annie’s story, she wrote a very different kind of love story,” Janine says.

The book, which includes an essay by Anne about her relationship with her husband, comes from the director of the film.

Janine says Anne Cotton has also taken time to reflect on her life and to be self-reflective.

“She said to me, ‘I’m not going to talk about what happened with Annie in my life.

I’m going to say this, but I can say that it was a really wonderful experience for me.

I was blessed with the love of my life and the life of a child,” Janie says.”

Anne says she’s writing it because she has a lot of hope for the future, and for her dog.”

And so, I think, this was something she could relate to,” Janice says.

Anne’s memoir has also been translated into 13 languages, and the movie is expected to be released on Dec. 14.