Toddler boys clothing retailer Teen Toys is opening a store in Detroit, and it’s got some funky new merchandise on display.

The store, in the Michigan city, has a collection of clothing from the likes of Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein + Gucci, including toddler shoes and apparel.

It’s also getting some pop culture references.

The store has a Calvin Klein t-shirt that says, “Wanna be a pop culture fan?” and a Calvin and Hobbes shirt that says “We’re the Calvin Klein family.”

The store also has Calvin and Woody shirt, a Calvin Kleins Calvin and a Woody shirt and Calvin and Buster shirt.

The Calvin and Greta shirt is from a classic film, while the Woody shirt is the latest trend in adult wear.

It also has a t-shirts, hoodies and hoodies with Calvin Klein logo and a teddy bear and a pair of Calvin and Bobblehead hats.

The shop is also getting a bit of fashion forward with its “Toys to Go” collection, which includes a shirt that looks like a giant Calvin and Woody plush doll, a pair tote bags with a Calvin Wood toy, a new Calvin Klein underwear collection, a bag with a pair Calvin and Toddler Toy, and a new and redesigned Calvin and Bertie plush toy.

The Toddler Boy collection has a line of adult accessories like a hat, pants and shoes that all look great.

It’s not the first time Teen Toys has ventured into adult fashion.

Last year, the company launched its own line of Calvin Koe shoes, which sold out in a matter of minutes.

The company is hoping to expand its adult toy line to include adult clothing as well.