KENT, Australia — When you’re the size of a cat, it’s easy to forget just how small a woman can really get.

It’s a fact that women have been wearing clothing designed specifically for them since the dawn of time.

But what is a woman in a petite suit?

And how big are the petite sizes?

Petite sizes of women clothing, or petite mens clothing, have been around for decades, and there are plenty of examples of womens’ clothing that’s not quite petite.

Many petite ladies’ clothing is designed with the idea of being as comfortable as possible, as a result, it has a wide variety of fabrics.

There are a lot of different petite styles available, with petite dresses, blouses and sweaters often featuring a high-waisted cut.

This can create an odd sensation for a petit woman when shopping for clothes, because you can easily mistake petite women for a large size and start to feel uncomfortable.

And while some petite clothing styles are designed to be worn at the waist, others are designed specifically to be a bit wider.

A few of these petite suits also have features that can make them less comfortable, such as pockets, sleeves and drawstrings.

Petite womans clothes are also made with stretch fabrics to make them comfortable to wear, but not too comfortable, which can be a real challenge for petite girls.

When it comes to petite size, it is very common for petit women to wear petite skirts, but a few petite ones also feature petite pants and tights.

Some petite lady’s are designed with a wide range of styles that can range from a high waisted cut, to a very low cut.

Many petites are made with a high waist.

This is often a choice made by petite moms who want to show off their petite figure, but also as a way to provide an extra layer of support to the body.