New York City’s largest department store chain, Saks Fifth Avenue, is offering its collection of vintage clothing for sale, with the help of a Kickstarter campaign.

The clothing line is part of a larger initiative to bring vintage items to a wider audience through the company’s online store.

The Kickstarter campaign, which started Monday, aims to raise $10 million by the end of October to fund the new line, which includes a range of items that are expected to be available in stores this fall.

Saks launched its campaign in December, with more than 2,000 backers pledging $5,000 each.

The campaign includes three shirts, three pants, three hoodies, a hoodie cap, and a hooded sweatshirt.

It also offers a range, from T-shirts, hoodies and hoodies for $20 to pants and pants and hoods for $50.

The items range from shirts to jackets, boots and accessories for $40 to pants, pants and shoes for $80, hooded sweaters for $70, and jackets for $150.

The store has already sold more than 500 shirts, according to a press release, and hopes to have another 10,000 by the time the campaign ends.

The Saks website is still live.