IKEa is a brand that I’ve always been a fan of, especially with their new range of high quality, low cost clothing for women. 

While the brand is known for their fashion-forward styles, IKEAs recent foray into the high-fashion game was something I really didn’t expect to happen. 

However, the brand recently made a big splash when it released their new line of clothing for girls and boys, Barbie and Ikea, in stores across the world. 

The line is a collection of women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing and accessories. 

It’s a collection that is completely curated to fit all ages, so no two girls or boys will find the same items at the same time. 

“I love how the girls’ clothes are so well curated and well thought out, they make me think I know them, they’re cute and cute with a touch of glamour,” says Derek. 

 “It’s not just the clothes but the accessories, the knick knacks, the socks, everything that’s in there is designed to make your little girl feel special.” 

“We wanted to make it easy for our young girls to feel proud to be a part of this brand, but also to make sure we didn’t make them feel uncomfortable,” Dana adds. 

To get their hands on the new collection, Derek and Dana took to their local IKEast.com store, where they were able to check out the range before it’s officially launched on July 13. 

In the interest of full disclosure, the store has been in the process of being purchased by a group of IKEas in the UK, but Derek and Dane will still be able to buy the products as they are available at their local store. 

Dyson says that while the new Barbie and Ikea collection will definitely help the brand reach a wider audience, they also felt it would be a good opportunity to take the brand in a more mature direction. 

“[It’s] really fun to see how people are using the new range, and seeing what they’re thinking about the brand,” said Dynar. 

For more information on IKE’s new range and more on the brand, check out their blog and Facebook page.