Sweet, golden years: The decade was full of beautiful clothes, especially when it came to retro and modern styles.

With the advent of the 80s, the 80-s fashion wave came to an end.

As the decade drew to a close, it was time for new looks and trends to take root.

But what were the 70-s trends that inspired the 80’s and 90s?

Read on to find out what to wear today.


Lace-ups: The 70s was a time of the rise of lace-ups, or loose fitting pants.

These pants are made to be worn under the jacket and over your shirt to add a sense of style and comfort.

They also add style to any outfit, including your shoes.


The 50s and 60s: When it comes to women’s clothing, the 60s and 70s are remembered as a golden era for women’s fashion.

In the 70’s, fashion was bold and glamorous.

The women in the 60’s wore a wide variety of styles and looked stunning in the latest designs.

But the 60′s and ’70′s also brought a sense to women of being “in the know” about the trends and fashion trends.

They were able to wear what they wanted to wear and be confident.


Blouses: Blouses were a trend in the 80′s that really started to flourish in the 90′s.

Blouse styles were a huge hit, and blouses became very popular as a fashion statement.

These were the era when we saw the rise and fall of the pop culture icon Madonna.

There was an enormous amount of interest in this style in the 70′s, and in the ’70s, it became very fashionable.


Sweaters: Sweaters were a major trend of the 70″s and the 80″s.

In many ways, they became more of a fashion trend in these two decades, especially as fashion was so forward-thinking and modern.

Sweats were also very fashionable, and they also added to the feel of fashion and helped create a sense that fashion was changing.


Sweater-less clothing: While this trend was popular in the 1960s, in the 1970s it took off and became a fashion staple.

Sweat pants became a major fashion statement, and sweaters became a part of most women’s wardrobe.

In some ways, the 70´s and 80′S are the most appropriate times to wear these garments.


Sneakers: Sneakers were a hot trend in both the 70 and 80’s, and women of all ages wore them.

Sneaker styles were always bold and colorful, and were often worn with denim jackets.

While sneakers had their time, they’re a classic style today.


Blazer: This was a popular trend in fashion in the 1980s, as women of many generations of women wore blazers.

This was one of the more formal styles of the decade, and it became trendy in the 1990s.

There were also a lot of men wearing blazier styles, as well.


Shorts: Shorts were a big trend in popular culture in the 20′s with men of all generations of men rocking these types of shorts.

While they were often a bit too formal for the men of the time, women of the 20´s were just as comfortable wearing them.

They added a bit of style to the look, and also added some femininity to the men.


Socks: While there was a lot going on in fashion during the 70, 80 and 90′S, there was no denying that women of today are wearing socks, especially in casual attire.

Women of the 90s and early 2000s wore a lot more casual wear and were able get away with wearing socks.

This trend will likely continue into the 21st century.


Bags: While the 90’s and early 00′s saw a lot in the bag, this style was not as popular as the 70 or 80.

This style was also a popular choice for men, and this trend will continue into 2040.


Sweating pants: Sweating is a fashion thing, and the 70 was a golden age for this style of pants.

Sweated pants are a fashion phenomenon that has been around for decades.

This is why these pants are one of our favorite styles of all time.


Sweets: While it was a trend for men to wear sweaters during the 90 and early00s, women have also been able to go to great lengths to make sure they have the right outfits for a day.

Sweatered suits are a staple of women’s style, and while sweaters were trendy at the end of the ’90s, they are a great way to dress up a formal outfit.


Shirts: While sweaters did not make it to the mainstream during the 60 and 70, shirts did. Women