It’s a long shot, but we do know that Real Madrid will return to the top flight in the coming years.

The Spanish club has been a part of the first division since 2007, but their current position in Serie A has been the subject of heated debate since the start of the 2014-15 season.

Real Madrid’s first three matches in Serie B were all lost to Napoli, while the second half of the season saw the team play away to Udinese and at home to Torino.

As such, the club will most likely be hoping to play in the first leg of their next campaign, which is scheduled for March 15.

If the results go in favour of Napoli it will be a great result for Real Madrid, as it will mean they will have qualified for the Champions League group stages.

However, there are also a number of scenarios that could see Real Madrid miss out on qualification to the Champions league.

The first would be if they lose their opening match against Udinese, where they will face Juventus.

The next match would be the game against Torino, where Real Madrid would be facing Juventus.

A loss to Torinos first leg would also mean Real Madrid are in a precarious position.

Juventus would then have to win the first two games against Udine and Torino to get into the group stage.

If Real Madrid were to lose against Torinos and Udinese it would mean they are out of the group and could be relegated.

The last scenario would be for Real to win their second leg, against Roma, but this would mean Real were relegated from Serie A. Real are unlikely to lose to Roma in the second leg and if they did, they would not qualify for the group stages again.

If they lose against Roma it would see them in a tight situation, with a game against Napoli in March 2020 and a game with Juventus in April 2020.

Juventus are also likely to be in the Champions competition in 2019-20, with the Nerazzurri facing Juventus, Inter Milan, Lazio and Napoli.