An employee at a local Walmart store in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has been fired after an investigation found he used a fake ID to enter the store and steal a package of underwear, police said.

The incident began Friday when a Walmart store security guard noticed a suspicious package inside the store, according to the Tulsa World.

He called police, who searched the store for the package.

When they found it, the package was gone.

A woman in the store told the security guard that she had been shopping at a nearby Walmart when she spotted the package and thought it might be something that was coming from the store.

When the guard asked the woman to check the package, she found it to be a fake identity card, police told the newspaper.

The woman, who has not been identified, said she didn’t know how she had gotten the package but thought it could be a gift.

She later returned to the store with the package in hand.

When the guard went inside to take the package to a store security camera, he saw the employee using a fake identification, police Chief Tom Schmitt said.

The employee had the package before he left the store without paying, police added.

The security guard was not hurt, and the employee was not immediately identified.

The woman told police she believes the employee is using a new identity because she was not able to get the ID card, Schmitt told the Tulsa City News.

The store is notifying employees of the incident and is working with law enforcement to find out who the employee may be, Schmit said.

Police are investigating whether the store was in compliance with the law when it let the employee into the store after the incident.