In 2016, when Steve Jobs was the company’s chief executive, he announced the company was planning to change its look for the first time in decades.

It was called “the new Look.”

Jobs’ decision to ditch the yellow stripes on its iconic MacBook Pro was one of his boldest moves yet.

And, just like in the new look, Apple didn’t stick to a few trends.

Instead, it launched a slew of new products, all of which had their own distinct look.

The new look was meant to be aspirational, a way for Apple to “put itself back on the map,” the company said.

The company had launched the first Apple Watch in 2007.

The iPhone in 2012.

And the Apple Watch Series 3 in 2017.

In the months that followed, Apple launched its latest and most fashionable product line: the new iPhone X, the iPhone XS Max, the new MacBook Pro, the Apple TV, the next-generation iPad Pro, and even a new iPhone 7.

But Apple’s shift to a more aspirational look also meant a shift in Apple’s retail strategy.

As Apple’s share price soared in 2016, the company went from offering one of the world’s most iconic brands to launching a slew the products that most of the American public had no idea about.

“This new look and the way that Apple has done things, in a very, very, subtle way, has really changed how we do business,” said Paul Bedard, an analyst at the investment firm Cowen & Graham.

While the company has been able to take the edge off the new Look, it still hasn’t fully embraced the new era of its retail strategy, as many had hoped.

There are two things that will really make a difference for 2017: 1.

What you wear in the future.

This year, Apple’s main stores will offer “chaos,” which will mean that shoppers can walk into the store and have no idea what to expect.

They’ll see the same products in the same store, but the prices are different.

We can’t go back to the old look.

What people will wear in 2018. “

I know the old stores will be there, but we need to be able to make those stores a little bit more dynamic and fun and fun to visit.”2.

What people will wear in 2018.

Apple has been working hard to make the look more fun.

It’s not just changing the color of its MacBook Pro and the new-look Apple Watch.

Its new-looking Apple Watch series has been designed with a very different design than the one Apple introduced in 2017, and it’s also got a new design for its smartwatch.

If you’re an Apple fan, you’ve probably noticed a lot of Apple Watch apps.

They’re also taking the lead in trying to make 2017’s new Look more exciting.

Here’s what to look for in 2018: There will be a variety of Apple-branded items in stores.

New accessories are coming.

People can shop around and find things they already own.

Items from the Apple Store will have new designs, colors, and colors.

You’ll be able get more information on new Apple products, too.

When Apple releases new products at its stores, it’ll let customers see what’s available for sale, and customers can get more product info from Apple.

Instead of having a line of products that are always available, it’s introducing new product lines to its stores.

The new look is meant to reflect the “dynamic” nature of Apple, Cook said, and the stores will also allow people to shop more “as if they’re in a mall.”

There’s a new Apple Store app, too, which will let customers browse products and learn more about what’s on offer at the stores.

You can also access Apple Pay, which is integrated into the app, as well as a number of other apps.

Cook said he’s working on a new “mobile app,” and it will be unveiled next year.

Other retailers are also taking cues from the new looks.

Kmart has introduced a new line of clothing called the “Red Line,” which features the company logo and red-carpeted floors, with “Red” as a secondary color.

The Red Line will sell for $25.

H&M is releasing its first-ever clothing line called “Red,” which is a mix of red and white with the Red Line logo.

It’ll be available for $50, $65, and $90.

Target is releasing a line called the Red Shirt and the Red Pants, which it says will have a combination of white and red in the design.

Target has also introduced a Red Line for men and women.