In many parts of the country, the only source of dye for clothes is the local factory.

For example, in New York City, most of the dye that is used for making clothing comes from the same factory that makes shoes.

But that factory doesn’t sell clothes dye.

So, many people in the New York area, even people who work in that factory, don’t have the ability to purchase clothes dye from a store.

When people do have the chance to purchase dye from an outlet, they often find that they can’t find a color they like.

So they either buy it at a local store or they find an online source.

And that can be confusing, because some stores might be selling the same color, and others are selling different colors, and sometimes they can be hard to tell which color is which.

Some people can’t tell which is which, so they go into a shop and try to find the color they need, but they can often find a different color at that same shop.

When a person goes to that same store, they can sometimes find a better deal.

But many times, the best deal won’t always be available, and they may not even know which color they’re getting, or if it’s actually the one they want.

So the next time you are shopping for clothes, be sure to ask a question like, “Do you sell a dye called Redding?” or, “What are the dye prices?” to find out which color dye you can get for your clothing.