Trump’s populist message resonates with the fashion industry.

That’s one reason why Ivanka Trump and the brand’s executives have come out swinging on social media against the president, even as they also say they’re working with Trump to help promote his business.

The New York Times reports that Ivanka Trump is also planning to host a fashion show in January at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and that she’ll be “selling clothes from the brand in-store.”

The outlet adds that the New York Fashion Week has also been a big event for Ivanka Trump’s business, with her apparel company selling nearly half a million items this year.

There are some problems with that narrative, though.

While Ivanka Trump may be the brand CEO, she’s not a fashion designer, so her influence over the brand is limited.

Still, the company’s brand has a strong following.

According to data from brand research firm Brandwatch, Trump is the fifth most-watched brand in the U.S. with more than 8.5 million followers on Instagram.

Ivanka Trump’s campaign has also tapped into an existing consumer base, especially millennials, who have grown up with the brand.

Trump has been on the air at least 10 times since Election Day, and has been the target of a number of negative ads.

In January, for example, the Trump campaign released a video featuring a young woman wearing an Ivanka Trump sweatshirt and holding a sign reading “Trump hates women.”

In a video posted online by the group, she is seen wearing the sweatshirt, and then appears to shake hands with a man who then appears in the video with the caption, “Trump loves women.”