If you’re the kind of woman who wears skinny jeans, chances are you’ve been conditioned to think you should.

But a new study from The Sport Baptist Church, a group of faith leaders, suggests that the answer to your dilemma isn’t to simply “get a little bit fitter” or “wear a little more clothes”.

It’s to ditch your skinny jeans and go all-out for a sporty look that will be as sexy and sexy as it is functional.

“There are a number of styles that you can wear that are flattering and are very sexy, and it’s up to you whether or not you want to wear it or not,” said Dr. David T. Cairns, who led the study.

“But there are other styles that are not flattering.

It’s the style that you feel is the best for you.”

According to the researchers, there are four major categories of clothes that can be worn to be sexy and functional: slim jeans, shorts, leggings, and T-shirts.

While there are lots of styles out there, you’re likely to be limited by the amount of space you have to wear them.

“It’s a little harder to go all out in terms of what you can and can’t wear, and what makes you look good and sexy is how you wear it,” Cairn said.

“You can wear skinny, long-sleeved jeans, a T-shirt that’s a stretchy fit, or a skinny t-shirt.

The more you can do with those three things, the better.”

Dr. T.M. Lee, the director of sports performance at St. Michael’s Health in Atlanta, said skinny jeans are perfect for men.

“The skinny jeans come with a lot of personality, they have a lot more personality, a lot less bulk than jeans, and that’s the most sexy aspect,” Lee said.

Lee added that men who like a slim fit are the best at dressing for sports, because it allows them to be more flexible.

“If you want a really casual look, you can go with jeans that are skinny, but the more you wear the jeans, the more they’ll show through,” Lee explained.

“If you’re in jeans that aren’t flattering, then you’ll be in a really difficult position when you want something more flattering.”

What you want is a pair of skinny jeans that fit well, and you can find them for under $20 on eBay.

It comes down to personal preference.

“The stretch jersey is really stretchy, so you can get the jeans to fit more comfortably, but it’s not as stretchy as a t-shirts, and the stretch pants are really stretchable.””

What you need is clothing that stretches a little, like a stretch jersey or a stretch pants,” said Lee.

“The stretch jersey is really stretchy, so you can get the jeans to fit more comfortably, but it’s not as stretchy as a t-shirts, and the stretch pants are really stretchable.”

According the study, this stretch to the body is called the “stretch effect”.

The stretch is achieved when you’re wearing the clothing with the right amount of stretch to help you maintain your shape and maintain your body shape.

“When you’re doing yoga, when you have a stretch, you have more of a stretch to your body,” Lee added.

“When you go to the gym, when we go to a pool, you don’t have to stretch your body as much, you just stretch the muscles that are in your legs and the shoulders, so it makes it easier to maintain your figure and maintain the shape of your body.”

Dr Cairnt says that when you wear skinny clothes, you’ll also want to think about your comfort.

“For men, skinny jeans have this sort of stretchy feel to them.

The skinny jeans don’t stretch your back, so if you wear a skinny jeans you can just take it off and put it on again,” Cain said.”

I’m a huge fan of slim jeans.

I love skinny jeans for sports.

If you have skinny jeans it’s going to give you that extra bit of stretch.”