The teen clothing industry is booming, with many of its trends being on display at events like the annual Anime Expo.

In addition to being a big seller in Japan, the industry has become a major source of income for the country.

The average Japanese family earns about 6,000 yen ($72) a month on clothing sales, according to research firm TechnoMetrica.

The industry employs more than 20,000 people, according a study by the Japan Society for Promotion of Arts and Crafts.

In the U.S., it’s estimated that the industry employs around 15,000.

As with other major industries, the teen fashion industry is becoming more mainstream, with more women embracing the industry and more fashion shops opening.

“There is definitely a sense of growing interest in youth-oriented clothing,” said Yoko Takaoka, who owns Japanese fashion boutique Tokyo Fashion Academy.

“There are also girls who don’t wear dresses anymore, who wear shirts and who dress up for Halloween.

That’s why I see this trend going forward.

It’s definitely a big trend in the future.”

The industry is also growing in the United States, with a number of retailers, fashion brands and online retailers offering merchandise for sale.

Some retailers are starting to sell clothing in their stores, with brands like Urban Outfitters, J.

Crew and Calvin Klein adding clothing to their online store.

Takaoka said she thinks the industry is just getting started.

“In the beginning, it was more of a fashion trend, but now people are starting realizing that it’s a very fashion-oriented industry,” she said.

The industry has its roots in Japan’s feudal-era society, which is similar to America’s modern-day fashion industry.

During the feudal era, clothing was a symbol of social status and status was determined by the amount of clothing sold.

During a feudal lord’s reign, clothes were bought in the fashion market and passed down through the family, with each family owning a certain number of clothes.

While the fashion industry may seem like it’s still a relatively new industry in Japan and not a household name, it’s actually gaining steam with more people embracing the trend and growing demand.

At Anime Expo, a fashion show and fashion fair held every July, there are many fashion-related events taking place, with some retailers selling designer clothing and other items.

A recent trend for young Japanese is for men to wear shirts with large, cartoonish characters on the front and a heart on the back.

One of the most popular items at Anime Expo is a “Shirt of the Week,” a collection of shirts with designs that can be found on Japanese clothing websites.

The shirts range from popular anime characters like Goku and Vegeta to pop culture icons like the Rock Band music video for “Happy Birthday.”

Takao says she thinks it’s important to remember that the world is a global place and the world needs to embrace its youth.

People are beginning to realize that, she said, and she hopes they’ll continue to be able to appreciate the beautiful design and vibrant colors in fashion.

“It’s all about fashion, and the more people can understand it, the better,” she added.

“As fashion evolves, so will the world.”

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