– More than two decades after it opened its first store in Los Angeles, Yoga’s new flagship store in Pasadena is being offered in three new colors, more than doubling the amount of clothing available.

Yoga Clothing is now offering two colors in addition to black and white, the company announced on its Instagram account Friday.

The stores are the latest additions to the chain’s growing range of products, which include a line of yoga pants and a line featuring yoga accessories.

“We have been focusing on expanding the range of apparel to include a more diverse range of styles and colors, but this is a really important step in that direction,” said co-owner and yoga instructor Jennifer Loughran.

 The new stores also offer yoga classes and yoga retreats.

The first store, at the corner of First and Main Streets in Pasadena, opened in January, and now has 2,000-square-foot space with a yoga mat and yoga mat accessories.