Jordan has been slowly becoming more fashionable with its new 80s style, and now the brand is partnering with designer Peter Campbell on a collection of denim and leggings.

The line, which was launched in early April, will be available exclusively through Jordan’s own store and online through October 19, and is also coming to Levi’s and other retailers.

The jeans are made in Jordan by Jordan Brand, and are available in grey, navy, black, and white.

They’re currently available in three colors: grey, khaki, and dark green.

The leggins are made by Jordan Sportswear, and can be worn in either a medium or large, and feature the company’s signature black-and-white stripes.

Jordan also launched a limited edition denim collection earlier this year called Jordan 1, which features 100 percent premium cotton denim.

For more info, head to Jordan’s site.