I was just thinking, if you’re shopping online for clothing, why not buy it directly from the manufacturer?

I mean, it’s the way they make their money, but the company is in a position of control.

If they were to stop selling clothes, it would be a huge blow.

What they’re doing is making money by selling a product that people don’t want.

I’m sure you could do that, but that’s the problem.

So you’re buying clothes online, and they’re selling it to you through a third party.

You get your clothes, you take them home, and the clothes are washed, dried, and packaged and sent back to the manufacturer for you to re-do.

It’s the same way that you pay for a movie ticket, or you buy a DVD, or the music you want to buy.

The whole process is entirely online, so there’s no real barrier between you and the retailer.

If you had a real relationship with the retailer, that relationship would be the same.

And I think that is the real problem with the internet.

So that’s why I’m saying, don’t buy clothes from a third-party.

It could be good for you, but I think it’s a bit like a lottery.

And you could win big.