The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon is launching a new program for its Prime members, the Prime Wristband, which will allow them to purchase wristbands at retailers, as well as add an extra $20 to the price of their orders.

The program will launch on March 15th and the price will be $20 for one Prime member and $25 for the next Prime member, according to the WSJ. 

The wristbands can also be used at Amazon’s website and Amazon Appstore, and can be worn on their wristbands as a way to quickly and easily log into an Amazon account.

The wristbands will be available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, with prices starting at $20 per band. 

As a bonus, the wristbands are available at Walmart stores and Amazon’s online store. 

If you’re a Prime member already, you’ll be able to add the new wristbands to your cart. 

“We’re thrilled to be bringing these awesome products to Prime members and we are looking forward to working with them to offer more exciting and exclusive rewards to keep our Prime members happy,” Amazon said in a statement. 

Amazon’s announcement follows a series of moves that the company has made to make it easier for Prime members to shop. 

Last week, Prime members were able to buy items with their Amazon Prime credit card by signing up for a program called Prime Rewards.

Prime members are charged $25 a month for their membership, and the company is giving Prime members free shipping on everything they purchase. 

Prime members have also been able to make purchases with a credit card on Amazon’s Alexa platform.

Amazon has also been making strides in the area of offering perks and incentives to Prime users. 

Earlier this year, Amazon Prime became a way for Prime customers to purchase Amazon gift cards.

Amazon said it will soon offer Prime Card members the ability to get Amazon Gift Cards on, and 

In addition, Amazon has recently added a Prime Music app to its Prime Music Store.