Recode: The Yeezys have made a deal with a third-party data provider to share their users’ personal data with companies that use it to analyze their shopping habits.

Yeezer and Adidas have agreed to share personal data of their 2.5 million US users on behalf of a company called Datalogix, according to Recode.

That company has a business model similar to a “cookies” provider like Baidu.

The deal could be used by advertisers to target people based on their behavior and buy ads based on it.

But it could also allow advertisers to use data to target ads based off the exact same behaviors.

The Yeezys have also agreed to not disclose the data on their behalf to third parties, which may include advertisers.

Datalagix was founded by a former Apple employee and is currently funded by Yeezus fans.

Dont be fooled by the cookie-like appearance of the Yeezy apparel, the deal could have a real impact on the fashion industry.

The cookie is an important component in most web browsing and in most mobile apps, especially those that collect your information.

The Datalogleix site uses a cookie that’s placed on your device when you visit a website.

It collects the information on your computer, phone, tablet, or smartphone.

The company’s technology then uses this data to identify the user and their device.

The privacy policies of Dataloggingix say it “does not store or share any user’s IP address, any personally identifiable information, or any personally identifying information, such as credit card or billing information.”

Datalogs technology uses information about how your browser interacts with websites and apps to understand how people use the websites and app, and the data can then be used to help improve the websites’ experience.

That could mean that if a company uses Datalogue’s technology to understand your habits and preferences, it could be able to better tailor ads to those people.

Datsaogix has a large database of users, which could give advertisers more insights into the people that use the sites.

Diatalogix was acquired by Adidas in 2015, and it was also a partner with the YeeZys in the past.

Adidas CEO Tom Staggs was quoted by Recode as saying that the deal “will enable Adidas to further expand its digital marketing efforts by enabling Dataloga to leverage its user data to build personalized digital campaigns.”

But the data could also be used in a number of other ways by advertisers, as well.

Diaspora, a social network that allows users to share data about their activities online, has said it has partnered with Adidas on a data sharing deal.

Dalsap is also part of a deal Adidas struck with Microsoft last year, in which it has agreed to give the software company access to the company’s cloud storage, which is typically used for corporate data, according the Recode story.

That deal also allowed Microsoft to use the data to create customized advertisements on the platform, according Recode’s story.

The big question is, how much data will Adidas and Datalogo share?

Adidas has yet to say how much information it will share with Datalogiks business model, and Adidas is also not commenting on the specifics of the deal.